Indian water chestnut, Shingara, or trapa bispinosa

water chestnut

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water chestnut or Shingara,

A waterherb that grows in shallow lakes and ponds,
and produces a black four-horned nut.
If that nut is peeled it reveals white
flash with a sweet taste and has a
crunchy texture.

fresh water chestnut on market,

Water chestnut is mostly sold freshly.
It is sprangled with water to keep it fresh,
as the biggest danger s that it will dry
out in the sun.

canned water chestnut

In the Western kitchen the waterchestnut can be
bought canned in supermarkets. This will be
in most cases the Chinese water chestnut
that has more culinairy uses.
Once opened, the canned water chestnuts should
be kept in fresh water in youre refrigerator
and can be kept there if the water is changed
every other day.

water chestnut flour

This flour can be bought in supermarkets and is
used is the same way as flour from cerails.
The flour is used to make puris, vegetable cutlests
and so on.

water chestnut flour during fasting periods

In India, people have fasting periods in which they
donīt cerails. This vasting period is called Maha
Shivratri Vrat. During that day the hindu devotees
abstain themselves from rice, pulses or wheat.
They eat fruits and and drink tea, milk or coffee
during the fast. In the evening they eat roti made
of waterchestnut flour.

water chestnut as a medicin

Water chestnut is used in cases of hepetatis with
jaundice and itching. As water chestnuts contain
antioxidants, it is also propagated that it may
help reduce wrinkles


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water chestnut family

There are three species of the Family Onagraceae
1 European waterchestnut trapa natans
2 indian waterchestnut trapa bispinosa
3 trapa bicornis.
The nuts are in fact no fruits at all, but
are actually tubers which grow wild in marsh
lands or in shallow waters along the lake banks.
The chinese waterchestnut belongs to another family,
the sedge family.

    Water chestnut Shingara is sold in the streets of Punjab, Rajasthan.
    The salesman has a can of water to sprankle the waterchestnut
    to prevent them from drying out. some red flowers are placed
    between the nuts . most nuts have the color green, some are black.

    Fruit salesman in Agra, India.

    1 water chestnut or Shingara
    2 banana
    3 papaya, ripe
    4 orange
    5 watermelon
    6 ananas
    7 grapes
    8 Custard Apple or sitafal
    9 pomegranate
    10 sweet orange