Burgundy snail, Edible Snail or Helix pomatia

the tiger snail (1), the great red slug (2).
brown lipped snail(3),wood snail (4), edible snail (5), copse snail.(6) .

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Edible snail of Helix pomatia

The Edidble or Burgundy snail is a large snail ,
that appears sometimes in the garden. It are peaceful
and slow snails feeding only on herbs and sometimes

The propagation of the edible snal

These snails are hermaphrodite , they are

female and male together in one snail-body.

The edible buries its eggs in a hole in the ground.

Edible snail as a food

Edible snail can be eaten and are called escargots.

Here on can see the large muscle that pulls the snail
into the protection of its house.

Edible snail and its food

The deible snail feeds on vegetables and herbs.

This edible snail is eating a leave of the dandalion.

The Escargot

If the edible snail is collected to be eaten, they are
called "Escargots". But in some countries the edible snail
is protected.