Virginia Creeper or Parthenocissus

Virginia Creeper

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Virginia Creeper or Parthenocissus

A famous climer who can cover walls and trees and is
especially beautiful at the end of summer and fall:
Its leaves colour beautiful red.
This plant is also known for its rapid growth. Birds
makes nests between the leaves. During summertime the
leaves isolate the wall against the heat.


It has yellow white clustered flowers during the summer and
forms black berries in fall.


P. quinquefolia .
this plant is very fast growing. Use only if want to cover
a wall very quickly , but this plant need to be contrlled.

P. quinckefolia "engelmannii" is fast growing , and deep colours
deep red in fall. its the most sold species.

P. tricuspidata. "green spring",has beautiful leaves in fall
and is very suited for a gardenwall.

Poison ivy

Poison ivy looks simular to Virginia creeper, but has only
three leaves.

    The beautifull colors of P. quinquefolia in fall.

    above : when meeting an object the tendril of the Virginia
    creeper forms adhesive pads.
    below: older tendril are getting shorter.

    The tendrils have little adhesive pads at the end that stick on
    every surface, like this plastic one. These pads can only be
    removed by using a high pressure washer.

    Purplish-black berries are produced in fall.

    A home covered with the new leaves in the spring.

    no adheasive pads

    Sometimes a climber is preferred that doesn't have
    adhaesive pads. The virginia creeper can ruin wooden
    and painted walls. Rember that the Virginia creeper
    is related to Vitus (grapes). Vitus coignetiae is a grape
    without the adheasive pads and has nice colors in fall.
    But by far the most beautiful cultivar is the
    P. quinquefolia with beautiful colors in fall.

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