common earthball, pigskin poison puffball

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common earthball, pigskin poison puffball

Scleroderma citrinum
The Common Earth ball is are rather large and round
fungus, yellow-white and round in appereance. It has
no stem. The peridium or outer wall is thick and firm.
The Common Earth ball spreads its spores by bursting open.
These spores in the core of the common eart ball have
the color purple-black grey.

pigskin poison puffball, its name

This fungus resembles, yes, pigskin or a patato
and is poisionous. It resembles the edible
puffball, but the earthball has no central hole
on top , the earthball just bust open to release
it spores. the spores have an irritating
effect on the eyes.

other bovists

The pigskin poison puffball belongs to a larger
group of fungi called the bovists.

    common earthball or pigskin poison puffball.

    To release it spores, the earthball just burst .
    open: the spores can travel over very large distances,
    If the spores are ripe they have a purper-black color.

    A young earthball and also Common Haircap Moss

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