Aster and aster novi-belgii, aster New-England

aster and aster novi-belgii

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At the end of the summer Asters start changing
youre garden in a flower shower. There are about 600
different Asters cultivars you can select. The most
important group is the Aster novi-belgii.
A native Aster is the Aster novae-angliae or New England aster.
Asters that flower in the summer stay low .
Asters in fall can get more then two meter high.

Bees and butterflies are attracted by the Aster (Aster pyreneus "lutetia")

disease of aster

Powdery mildew affect asters that grow in
damp ground and shadow.
Stem rot is nowadays the most important disease.
This is caused by overwatering the germinating seeds:
a fungus will prevent the aster to start
flowering. Remove that aster and do not
plant an aster in the same place.

Aster pyreneus "Lutetia"

Lavender colored buds change into pale blue
yellow eyed daisy flowers.

Aster ericoÔdes "cinderella"

Also called "farewell-to-summer " as it flowers in fall.
A fast grower, and almost invasive in nature.
This aster flowers with small white flowers covering
the plant completely>

Aster novi-Belgii "Ferte"

Aster novi-Belgii "Freda Ballard"

Aster novi-Belgii "Royal velvet"

Aster novi-Belgii "Royal velvet"

Aster x Dumosus "Anton Kippeberg"

The leves are dark green and disease resistant ,rust free foliages.
The Aster X Dumosos composť-group has become very popular since some years.

Aster novi-Belgii "Damnacus"

Aster Turbinellus"

White flowering at the end of summertime,easy to manage and disease
resistant with tall stems.

    The aster novae-angliae or New England Aster,
    have more clear colors and
    are much higher then aster nova-belgica
    The New England does not tolerate strong shade.

    New England aster is sectioned of individual
    stems with their associat.

    propagation of the New England aster

    Propagation is the most easiest way done by
    softwood cuttings in late spring.
    But mature plants can be divided in the spring
    by sectioning off individual stems.
    add a bit chalk and Stable manure.

    cutting of Aster New england

    Cuttings are done before frost can do damage
    to the Aster New England. Cut the stems 10
    centimeter above the ground It is also possible
    to do a little bit of cutting in the spring.

    Aster Amelus, at the start of the winter


    These plants are flowering plants belonging to
    the family Asteraceae. on this website you can find:

    aster novae-angliae
    aster cultivars and aster nova-belgii
    Leopards bane or doronicum
    Aster tripolium or Sea Aster

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