Giant Hogweed or Heracleum mantegazzianum

giant hogweed

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Giant Hogweed

A large and beautiful fast growing plant.
This plant lives up to four years but is mostly biennial
The stem grows 2 meters high but in fertile moist soil
it can get 4 meters high. Sheeps are fond of Hogweed leaves.
Hogweed resembles cow parsnip, angelica, and poison hemlock,
but grows much larger.

It flowers from spring ontil the end of summer,
producing large white flowers clustered in an
umbrella-shaped head.

Here the giant Hogwed forms an impregnable fence of
4 meters high. Were giant Hogweed grows, stinging
nettles are nearby.

Flowering starts at the end of the spring.

The large flower disk of the giant Hogweed attracts a lot
bees, the flowers have a strong sweet fragrance. The seeds
are eaten by the birds. Sheeps are fond on the leaves,
and have no problems with the needles.

    living food

    The hollow stem of the Giant hogweed
    is 2-4 inches in diameter, containing huge amounts
    of hibernating insects. During wintertime you can
    collect the dead stems and place them in youre
    terrarium, after a short time a large amount of
    spiders and insects will get out of the hollow

    The stem of the giant hogweed contains small needles.

    The light seeds of the giant hogweed are spread ;br: by the wind or by birds.

    poison and photodermatitis

    The thick stem is covered with coarse hairs,
    and the stem contains a burning liquid,
    when it contacts skin and reacts with (sun)light
    it induces large blisters on the skin, for this
    reason :use gloves when collecting hogweed stems.

    Common hogweed and Giant hogweed
    The common hogweed is much smaller and less invasive.
    It doesn't have that stout, dark reddish-purple stem
    of the giant hogweed .

    The hollow stem of the giant hogweed is
    covered with some white isolation
    material, giving shelter for spiders and other
    bugs during the winter.

    Poisonous plants:

    Alder backthorn
    Cuckoo pint
    autumn crocus
    lily of the valley
    giant Hogweed
    American pokeweed
    cypress spurge

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