Bean weevil

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Bean weevels or Acanthoscelides obtectus


The bean weevils can be very easely be hatched and
is a cheap and easy living food for terrarium animals
like frogs, lizards and salamander.
They can also be given to fishes and watersalamanders
as they are bad swimmers and attract fishes by there
clumsy movements when fallen on the water.
Biggest disadvance is there slow live circle.
It take 2 to 3 months for a live circle at room temperature.
Bean weevels are a cheap alternativ for Fruitfly
and housefly.

bean weevils in youre vegetable garden

Bean weevil is a devastating storage insect pest,
easy capable of causing severe bean crop loss in youre
vegetable garden.
There are two ways to prevent this:
Store the beans in a freezer for three days.
This will kill larvea, eggs and adults.
The taste of the beans will not be affected.
Or you can shake youre beans, this will crush
the adults and the eggs. Shake them once a day
about 10 times.

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