Clinging jellyfish

This is a small jellyfish that measures about 2 cm in diameter. It lives attached to seaweed in shallow coast waters. It is attached to that seaweed with a knob on the tentacles, used for the attachment on seaweed or on the seabottom. The gonads are visible as they have a light color, mostly yellow or orange and form a clearly visible X shape.

The sting of the Clinging jellyfish

The sting of this jellyfish is painful, but not dangerous. This jellyfish is an exeption to the rule that transparant jellyfish do no sting.

The Clinging jellyfish or Gonionemus vertens. The Clinging jellyfish lives mostly attached on the sea bottom. The bell of the jelly fish is transparant, sometimes slightly green colored. With thanks to: Eric Gibcus for his photo.

Clinging jellyfish distribution

Gonionemus vertens has a large distribution around the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, but can be never found in large populations. The distribution has some resemblance with that of Japanese oister: It has probably introduced together with this oister in Europe. This jellyfish can be found in the shallow waters of the Kamtchatka peninsula, the Northern Islands of Japan and the Aleutian Islands. In this part of the world the venom of the polyps is harmful to humans.
But not in the other parts of the world :
In Europe it can be found along the coast of the Atlantic and Northsea. It can be found along the west coast of the USA and Canada. Carlton, J.T. 1985. Transoceanic and interoceanic dispersal of coastal marine organisms: the biology of ballast water. Oceanography and Marine Biology. An Annual Review, 23: 313-371. .

North sea Islands

These animals and plants can be found on the
North sea islands:
Bent Grass, and Beachgrass.
Sea holly
North sea crab
light-bulb tunicate
scoloplos armiger
skate leech or skate sucker
shipworm or teredo worm
Great cormorant
goose barnacles
sea oak of sea fir

Echinodermata of the Atlantic ocean

Pelican's foot
brittle star
sea medick
pea urchin
sea slater
sea star or starfish
freshwater sponge
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Seaweeds of the Atlantic ocean

knotted wrack
irish moss
Laurentia obtusa
sea beech
sea thong or sea spaghetti

clams of the Atlantic ocean

baltic tellin or clam