Animals that eat insects , by J.W. Boerman en K.M. Knip
1June beetle (Polyphylla fullo)
2mole (Talpa europaea
3hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus
4shrew (Sorex minutus
2Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
3 broomrape (Orobanche)
4 Lady's bedstraw (Gallium verum)
5 Nottinham catchfly (Silene nutans)
6 viola tricolore
7 Common polpody (polypodium vulgare)

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the hedgehog

The hedgehog is a spiny mamal,with a weight of
about 1 kilogram. Hundreds of spikes protect it
against most of the predators, but not against
parasites. The badger is capable of killing the
hedgehog. They feed on slugs, insects and millipeds,
but also on mice, eggs and whatever they can get.
Never feed them with milk , but they love catfood.

Potzie, Anna's hedgehog

This hedgehog has been found by Anna lying
ill on a road. She feeded and nourished this
young hedgehog and kept in the garden until
it regained enough strength.
As this hedgehog preffered to sleep in a pot
She gave it the name potzie. After some days Potzie was placed back in the woods.

The hedgehog "Potzie" , pet of Anna

Hedgehog easely eat from the hand and are easy
pets. Care should be taken for the great
amount of parasites they carry with them.

A hedgehog can easely become tame and can be
carried by hand.