White worms or enchytraeus

White worm

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, A salamander is hunting fr the Enchytraeus Albidus or white worm.

Feeding a Discusfish. A photo of Wout

The guts shine through the skin.
De voedingswaarde van levend voer.
White worms contain a lot of fat.

    White worm

    A small and transparant white worm, some centimeters
    long. Its perfect food for fishes, salamanders and crabs.
    It the most sold living food animal. The biggest
    disadvantage is that these worms contain much fat
    So its better to combine them with other living food, like bloodworm or
    daphnia .

    White worms in the nature

    These animals live in the top layer of the bottom
    feeding on fallen leaves, nd everything they can
    swallow, other worms for example.

    How to raise them

    Use a box filled with leaves and moist ground.
    and keep it on home temperature. But you better
    keep this box outside youre house as it smells.
    Feed the worms with yeast. But dont give to
    much as fruitflies will develop.

    A box to raise the white worms. The white worms can be
    harvested using a soft brush.

    White worms by Wout

    "I use a blue (champignon) box filled with ground
    to raise the worms, it's filled
    with white bread (that you cansee) and milk.
    But don't overfill as fungi will start growing."
    Write to Wout

    Related worms

    The white worm is related with the red worms and
    earthworm .

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