Common Gorse or Ulex europeus

Common gorse

An evergreen shrub that grows in dunes. This shrub is completely covered with thorns,
making it impenetrable. THe shrub will sometimes
flower during wintertime, an unique quality.
Its is mostly used as an ornamental shrub but
also as an hedgerow.
The Gorse will thrive on dry, poor and acid soil,
but will grow on every soil.

Common gorse.

Flowering of the Common gorse

The Common gorse flowers during the summer months ,
producing an abundant amount of gold-yellow flowers,
attracting a lot of bees.

The winter and the Common gorse

The flowering during the winter makes this shrub special.
in the Netherlands this shrub is rare and the yellow color
makes it easy to find and identify. But the Common is not
really winterhardy: In some years the part of this shrub can
die of severe frostdamage. The shrub will regenerate and
will form new branches.

    There are long prickly thorns, but the leaves themselves
    are also sharp. Not only buglers hate this, but if you want to
    keep cats out of youre garden , the use of the Common gorse is
    a good as a hedgerow.

    During the winter, there ia possability that the
    Common Gorse will flower again..
    This is an unique quality of the Common gorse.
    This second flowering is not so abundant
    as the summer flowering.

    The buds of the common Gorse, its freezing lightly .

    Early flowering

    These plants and shrubs will flower in the winter
    and early spring.

    Spring Snowflake
    Cow Parsley
    Common Gorse
    Lesser celandine
    Mahonia x media "Buckland"
    Mahonia x media "Wintersun"
    Erica cornea
    Erica darleyensis
    Viburnum bodnamtense "Charles Lument"
    Witch hazel
    vibernum tinus "Eve princess"
    vibernum bodnantense "Dawn"

    Prickly hedges

    These hedges can be used as a fence against
    burglers. They will grow higher more than a meter high,
    will grow on most soils and will enhance the
    wildlife in youre garden.

    Common Howthorn

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