Housespider or Tegenaria parietina

A house spider locked in a bathtube

A little zoo with a House and a Cross spider,
brown lipped snail and the red slug,
and the biggest predator: the centipede.

    The Common House spider

    Ever house has its own Common House spider. That house
    spider feeds on other small insects that get trapped
    in its horizontal web. That web is made from not-sticky
    material. If the spider feels that a prey has touched
    the web , it runs fast to give its prey a bite. This bite
    paralyzes the pray as it contains poison.

    A house spider is scary

    Eith its long hairy legs and its fast running , the common
    house spider freightens a lot of people.
    Often a house spider gets trapped in a bath as it has
    a low ability to climb walls with a smooth surface.
    This inability makes it a good pet for the terrarium.

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