Ivy or Hedera

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Hedera or Ivy

A climbing plant that grows on trees and walls. Ivy is evergreen
and winterhardy, and can climb up to 30 meter high.
There a two kind of leaves growing n the hedera:
The lobed juvenile leaves on creeping and climbing stems.
These stems have small roots to attache themselves to walls
and trees.
The unlobed adult leaves on fertile flowering stems that
are fully exposed to the sun. The stem of these leaves don't
have roots , they are selfsupporting.


Hedera is extremely useful in covering ugly walls,
and the wildlife will increase dramatic. This pub
in Anvers is called :"Het elfde gebod".

Ivy , the lobed leaves and the adhesive roots.
New leaves have a lighter color.

This happens when you cut the stem of the ivy.

Hedera helix Araliaceae