Edible crab and shore crab or Cancer pagurus and Carcinus maenus

Edible crab, Shore crab

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Edible crab(1) and Shore crab(2) both hunt on Shrimp(4).

Edible crab or cancer Pegurus

This is the only crab that is catched by fisherman
and sometimes is catched by sportfishing on Plaice.
The Edible crab eat almost everything: worms, seastars,
mussel and everything that it can catch between its black
tipped pinchers. Normally it waits under a rock until
something passes by, that can be another crab , a Plaice
or a finger. The edible crab can be terrible big and
terrorise youre aquarium as it eats or destroys everything.

Edible crab and the seawater

The edible crab is slighty sensitiv for changes in
salanity or temperature. They can be fed by pellet food
you need to bye the pelletsfood that is mixed with
sand to make it sink to the bottom.