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1: Water horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile)

2:common Mare's Taillidsteng(Hippuris vulgaris), 3: water chestnut(trapa natans),
4: Limnanthemum indicum

Mare's-tails have the looks of an horse-tail but are flowering plants.
They have an erect stem bearing whorls of very small leaves.
The submerged part resembles Waterweed.

    common Mare's tail

    Hippuris vulgaris

    A very common waterplant that produces a lot of
    oxygen and resembles waterweed. Mare's tail has the ability
    to cover a large surface of swallow water.

    Mary's tail resembles a horsetail

    Mary's tail in youre pond

    Mary's tail stays green during wintertime, which makes
    it an attractive waterplant for youre pond.

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