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Woodruff grows in the shadow of the forest and
covers the bottom. It propagates by forming many
offshoots. Flowring happens on the end of the spring
with small , lovely smelling flowers. The seeds of
woodruff only germinate rarely and there are only
few of them. If you want to have Woodruff in youre
garden it is the easiest way to remove a clump from
the woods.

woodruff or gallium odoratum

Woodruff in the garden

Woodruff is used as a ground cover in the shadow.

tea of woodruff

Woodruff contains coumarin, especially when flowering.
Coumarin gives its tea its lovely taste.
Pick the leaves in May and use two
tablespoons for a delicious cup of tea.

woodruff as a parfume

Woodruff is also used to give the pillow a
lovely smell by placing the leaves between
them, just like lavender.

Mother nature between the sheets!

Give youre pillows a taste of parfume by
placing some leaves between them.
You can use these leaves:

Lemon verbena
Lady's bedstraw