Common Hawthorn or Crataegus monogyna

common Hawthorn

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The common Hawthorn

A common shrub or small tree that colors perfect white in
spring and produces red berries in fall.
As the Hawthorn has big thorns they are used in hedges.


Hawthorn flowers from April to May, the white flowers
have a nice and strong fragrance. The berries appear
during summertime and are dark red in fall, and
are pollinated by Midges.

The hawthorn, mayblossom or may

The hawthorn as a hedge

The common Hawthorn is often used a hedge
to kep the stock on the inside and thieves
on the outside.

The common Hawthorn in the garden

The common Maythorn is a jewel in youre garden.
In spring it has a thousend white flowers, that
produces a strong fragrance. In summer the berries
start to grow , and in the fall the berries are ready
feeding the birds.
Read more about this at
animals in youre garden

Winter : Mistletoe is a evergreen that
can easely invade the common Hawthorn. This is not really
a bad thing as the Mistletoe produces a large amount of
light colored berries that birds use as food.
One can also see one red berry produced
by the Hawthorn.

A lonely Midland Hawthorn has become a tree.
The Midland Hawthorn produces a fishy smell
during flowering.

common Hawthorn and Midland Hawthorn

Midland Hawthorn (C. laevigata) differs from the
common Hawthorn: The flowers are smelly,
and have only one style. The Midland Hawthorn
is best used as a fence for cattle or against
bugglers. This shrub can become a tree.

Twigs in the winter.

Before World War 2 it was practiced by scouting to determine a tree
by its twigs.

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