Indian peacock

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The Indian Peacock

This is a rather large birds that lives in the woods of India.
But , of course, they are well known in most parts of the
world as domesticated birds. They have a protein rich diet,
with worms, insects,snails and frogs, grainseeds, berries and
all the other things they can find. They attack mice and
rats and snakes and eat them.

The tail of the peacock

The tail can become 1,50 meter long or high, its at its
maximum at the age of 6 years.
In the short period in the mid of the summer , the peacock
looses it feathers and its tail. After this the tail starts to grow again.

The mating call

At the beginning of the spring the peacock start
vibrating its tail and makes a loud mating call.
The peahen answers softly.

Breeding of Peafowl

A peahen produce 2 to 4 creme-colored eggs, in a
hole in the ground, it takes one month before the chicken
appear. Remove the peacock as they can kill the chicken.
The chicken are born with feathers.

worms and peafowl

Worms are serious problems for peafowl , they are
very vulnerable for it, and turn youre beautiful
birds in thin and sick animals, especially young
ones. Worm the birds twice a year, use Ivermectin of
levamisol, put it in there drinking water.

Peafowl and poultry on this painting of Tobias Stranover.

peafowl shelter

A shelter needs to be large, about 2,5 meter high and
about 10 square meter in surface. A peacock sleeps about
1,5 meter high above the ground on a branch,
the long trail should not touch the ground.
A peacock has 3 to five peahen.

    Peafowl go happy together with all the other animals
    on the farm.

    A peacock on the roof of a servian orthodox church in
    a monastery. The peacock once lived in the garden of Eden,
    The Queen of Sheba brought this animal to King Salomo.
    The peacock became the symbol of eternity in early
    christianity. So there is a connection between the
    peacock and christianity.

    The white peacock originate from the blue peacock, it's a
    colored variety , not it's albino form.
    Both Peacock and Peahen have a head crest or crown.

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