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Woodlice are small crustacean that live in .
dap places. They have a shield that protects them ,
and have gills for breathing. These gills have
to be kept wet, and that is why woodlice can only
live in damp places.

woodlouse and theire young

Woodlice are good mothers carrying there young,
in a marsupium, or bag between the 7 npair of legs.
The young ones are smallcopies of mother but
as theire mothers love for them is a dangerous

woodlouce and the food

Woodlice are easy eaters, feeding on everthing,
mostly plants, sometimes worms and other mall

enemies of the woodlouse

The biggest enemies are spiders from the dysdera
family, they have yaws that pienetrtes the shield.

woodlouse on this website

baltic isopods

    left the roly poly en right the sow-bug

    Roly poly, left, will roll up to a ball right under, right above is
    the common woodlouse or sow-bug.
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