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The pumpkin keeps the worldrecord for the
fastest growing plant.
This annual vegetable
spreads out faster then the weed in youre
garden can grow. other plants are covered by the
large leaves of the pumpkin.
They use a lot
of vertilizer but no insecticide is needed.

Pumpkin sowing

The sowing season starts at 30 april, pumkins
can be sown with 4 meter space between the rows.
Pumkin grows faster then the weeds, so they are
easely grown.

Pumpkin is a good keeper

Pumpkins can be harvested at the start of fall.
They can be stored for more then 3 months,
makes it a good autumm vegetable.

edible pumkins

These are the two most well-known cultivars of the pumpkin:
- 'Golden hubbard improved',
Cooks very dry, with an soft or fluwel taste and can be stored
for almost half an year. Bright deep orange-yellow.
- 'Hoikkaidopumpkin' or ' Ekopumpkin': orange of color,
this is the best pumpkin to produce soupe.

recepicess with Pumpkin

- 'Hoikkadopumpkin'

Cut the pumpkin in small thin parts, put
soja sauce on it and heat this fot 10 minutes
in a hot oven.
This a very easy and cheape recipe with graet taste.

Uchiki Kuri is another name for the Hoikkaidopumpkin.
- 'Pumpkinsoupe', the basic recipe

one Pumpkin
4 bouillion tablets
oil, salt

Cut the pumpkin and remove the seeds.
fry the pumpkin for a short period in hot oil.
Boil the pumpkin for more then half an hour,
together with the bouillion tablets.