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how to catch an earthworm

Most easely obe catches earthworms afther
a rainy day. As earthworms are afraid to get
drown, they move to the surface. Use a garden
fork to dig the worms out of the ground.
Its possibe to imitate the vibrations
that falling raindrops create by vibrating
youre garden fork.

what does a eartworm eat?

They eat everything organic that they discover
like falen leaves, nematodes, roots, but
also dead animals.

earthworms as a fish bait

Small earthworms can be used as a fish
ze niet lang in leven blijven aan de haak.

Lumbricidae (eartworms))

These worms can be used as a fishing bait or feeding
birds or terrarium animals or producing compost
for youre garden.

raising earth worms

This is done in boxes or worm bins, filled with moist soil or peat moss.
If you put youre starting worms in it , they will hide
themselves in the soil.
If there is a light shining in the room its not necessary to
close the bins.
feed your worms with moist lettuce and moist chicken mash.
Keep youre worms out of sunlight and heat.

the best earth for youre worms

The mulch of your backyard garden contains the soil the
tastiest worms prefer. It consist of organic matter like
fallen leaves, dead gras and vegatables for youre worms to eat.
Mulch also makes the soil easier to crawl through.

problems raising earthworms

If youre worms suddenly die then the most likely reason
is overfeeding. Another problem is when the soil contains to
much water.

earthworm anatomy

The body of the earthworm contains of segments each containing
two veins and a kind of kidney and a ganglion (a nervecell aggregation)