confused flour beetle or tribolium confusum

confused flour beetle

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confused flour beetle

These are small beetles that are used as a
living food for lizards, chameleons and frogs.
They are very easy raised, only floor is needed.
But the beetle feeds on cerails, pasta, beans,
dryed dog food etc.
fill a transparant box with fllor and put some
adults in it, put the box on a warm place.


Confused flour beetles are very depedent on temperature:
Below zero the will die , at 20 degres celsius the
population is stationary, above 30 degrees the population
will increase fastly , 36 degrees is upper limit.
a full cyclus will take three weeks at that temperature.

The larva

Its size is dubbel of the adults beetles, up to 1 cm.


The confused flour beetle is cheap and easy to raise.
An alternativ are bean weevles and fruitflies.
But the Confused floor beatle is the easiest and
most economic living food.

Confused flour beetle as a pest

Store youre cerails and floor at low temperature,
and keep youre storageroom clean.

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