Sturgeon have a tactiele organ called barbel that dangles down from there nose. With those barbels they are capable to locate small living animale like worms, snails, insect larvae, fish eggs and clams. Sturgeons can be very large and also become very old, they grow slowly. Sturgeons become activ if the water is cold and rich on oxygen. They need clear streaming water, free of pollution.

Sturgeons in an aquarium in Moscow. Sturgeon are slow moving fishes that are very stiff and can only swimm forward.

Sturgeon, an illustration by Hashime Murayama.

Acipenser fulvescens or the lake sturgeon.
Lake sturgeons never visit salty water. They merely live in rivers like the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Fishery and the building of dams and the pollution caused by agriculture and industry reduced there numbers until they were a threatened species to be endangered. An illustration by Hashime Murayama

Hashime Murayama

Hashime Murayama was a Japanse illustrator,
born in 1879. He used to work for
National Geographic until 1941: Here he
produced many beautiful illustrations.
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The larvae of the sturgeon are bad swimmers and get easely entangled in weed. Sturgeons only produce offspring in salted water , so never in a pond.
1 larva just born.
2 larva aftr two days na 2 dagen
3 larva after 4 days
4 larva after one month.
5 one year old.
a anus
b barbel
h heart.