The grove snail or brown-lipped snail (Cepaea nemoralis)
grove snail

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grove snail

The most common snail in mid-Europe and a very useful snail.
The grove snail prefer stinging nettle and Buttercup.

The color of the shell is very variable.

the Grove snail and youre vegetables.

In humid summers there can be enormeous amounts of
grove snails. In this situation the grove snail can
harm youre vegetables. The cure is easy: lay down some
roof tiles in youre garden, you can collect youre snails
in the morning.
Slugs like tigersnail and the Red slug. produces the most damage to youre vegetables.

in the terrarium

Its maybe not such a good idea to have this
snail in youre terrarium, as it starts eating
youre vegitation. On the other hand: its bright
colors gives it a beautiful apperance.

what you wanted to know

There is a difference in color pattern for those grove
snails that live in the fields with those that lives
between shrubs: these snails are darker colored.

enemies of the grove snail

There are a lot of enemies, mostly birds like
Thrush that are capable to penetrated the house.
But mouses can do that job also.

"snails and slugs",an illustration of A.E. Brehm
1 tigersnail (Limax maximus), 2,3 great red slug (Arion emporicum)
4,5 grove snail (Cepaea nemoralis), wit en geel, 6 edible snail(helix pomatica)
7 grey garden slug (Deroceras reticulatum), 8 Buliminus montanus, 9 wood snail (helix nemoralis)
10 helix personata, 11Cyclostomata elegans, 12 Clausilla