Rumex rugosus or Wrinkled sorrel

Wrinkled Sorrel or Rumex rugosa is a vegetable that produces
tasty leaves. The Wrinkled Sorrel is used in salads and
soups and has a fine, fresh taste.

Propagation of Winkled sorrel

Sow this vegetable ib the spring until the end of the summer,
or even later. Eat only the first leaves, the first four or fives
are the most tasteful.

Common Sorrel or Rumex acetosa has the same use and
appearance as Wrinkled Sorrel. Common Sorrel can be
found in the fields, often abundant.

    Wrinkled dock looks and tastes like docks or sorrels

    growing youre own sorrel

    Give youre wrinkled sorrel a shadowy place in youre garden.
    Wrinkled sorrel can be sow twice a year, in spring and
    end of the summer.Every oil will do the job.

    harvesting youre own sorrel

    Follow these three simple rules:
    Collect Sorrel in spring: the flavor is mildest.
    collect only the fresh leaves, no stem.
    Collect before this plant start blooming,

    cleaning the sorrel

    Pull of the stems, and wash the leaves.

    the use of wrinkled sorrel in the kitchen

    Sorrel in salads
    Sorrel is used like Endive in salads it can be eaten fresh.
    Sorrel in soup
    Make a puree of 20 leaves of sorrel, by cutting it into
    small pieces and cook it some minutes , while adding a
    slice of butter.

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