Green bottle fly

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green bottle fly or Lucilia sericata

A common blowfly that has a beautiful grenish color,
often gold-grenish or blue-grenish. It feeds on nectar,
but can also be found on dead animals and wounds :
here it lays its eggs, were the larvae quickly develop
into puppae. A green bottle fly that gets trapped in a
house tries to escape, a housefly won't do that.

other blowfly

The Lucilia caesar resembles the green bottle fly
and is also common. It prefers to lay its eggs in
animal droppings.


Myiasis is a sheep-disease. The green bottle fly laid
its eggs on the skin of sheep. Here the puppae feed
on the fluids of the sheep and biting wounds in
the skin. Other flees are attracted by the wounds
so the sheep is getting weaker.

How to treat Myiasis

The most effectiv measurement is th ecrutching of the
sheep, which involves the removal of wool from the
tail and rear legs. The wool of the sheep gives the
maggots a damp atmosfere that it needs to devellop.
The wound of the sheep needs to be cleaned and the
maggots removed, by using forceps. After that the
wound needs to be desinfected and the wool around
the wound needs to be removed. This is to avoid
reinfection and make the wound ease to inspect.
One can use insecticide for prevention and
desinfection of the maggots, but the standard
measurements against flies are also effective:
hygiene and automatic misters, fly paper,
electrocuting and baited traps.

    Some flees around a dead bird, with the green bottle fly in the center.
    The housefly can be seen left to it.

    A green bottle fly on a Silver lace vine attracted by the
    strong fragarance of the honey.

    A Green bootle fly has red eyes, here on the leave of Common butterbur..

    A Green bottle fly on Hemp agromine

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