Firethorn or Pyracantha


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The Firethorn is an evergreen shrub that has attractiv
red or orange or yellow berries in fall.

Firethorn cultivars

The Firethorn itself is very rare, as this shrub is
sensitiv for diseases. But there are many cultivars
that differ in the color of the berries.
English Firethorn has long thorns.

English Firethorn berries.

The many uses of Firethorn

The Firethorn can be used as an yard protection, an
hedge made of Firethorn is impenetrable due to many
thorns. Most often, the Firethorn is used as an climber
against a wall, but needs support. But Firethorn
can be used as an ornamental shrub too.

English this Firethorn hedge is 2,5 meters high and gives protections against
cats and thieves and voyeurs.

Firethorn and Birds

Birds like to make there nest between the leaves of the
Firethorn, the thorns give protection against preditors.
Some birds are fond of the berries.

Firethorn berry jelly

Firethorn berries are not poisionous, and can be used to produce
a jelly that tastes like apple jelly, but not exactly,
it has a stronger taste.
Boil the berries 1 minutes with the same amount of water
Sieve the berries , boil the juice together the same amount
of sugar, pectine and lime juice, for one minute.

Put it in a hot sterilized jar. Enjoy!
Firethorn berry jelly.