Common Buckthorn or Rhamnus cathartica

Common Buckthorn or Rhamnus cathartica

This is a thorny shrub or small tree that grows in the dunes
or on chalcky grounds. This deciduous tree flowers at the start
of the summer and produces green berries. These berries are poisionous
for peole . but are eaten by birds when they are black and ripe.

Common Buckthorn as a Hedge.

The Common Bucktohrn can be used as a good protection against buglers. But Maythorn is a better choice,


    The common Buckthorn in the winter, with ice cristals on the thorns.
    zjn goed te zien.

    Prickly hedges

    These hedges can be used as a fence against
    burglers. They will grow higher more than a meter high,
    will grow on most soils and will enhance the
    wildlife in youre garden.

    Common Howthorn
    Common buckthorn

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