Green tiger beetle

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Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela campestris)

This is a fast running beautiful green beetle living on sandy grounds ,
like moores and dunes . There it hides in ambush waiting for its
prey , mostly ants, flies and mosquito's , but also spiders etc.
It derives its name from its hunting methode: hiding in ambush,
fast running and biting with it large jaws. But it will only
do this on warm days.


In the spring , and only on warm days , the Green Tiger Beetle
start looking for a mate. This is the best time to make a photo ,
as they are normally too fast and shy to be photographed.
The eggs are laid in May.

other tiger beetles

The Green tiger beetle can be distinguished from other
beetles by two small white spots on its backside, also;
it hides under bushes in ambush as the other tiger beetles
don't do that .

the larvae of the Green tiger beetle

The larve lives in holes in the sand waiting for its prey,
mostly ants . So the larve is both carnivorous and predatory.

beetle family

the green tiger beetle belongs to the family of the Carabidae
one of the largest groups of beetles and called ground beetles
Know for there large legs and fast running.

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